Who was the Greatest Entertainer of all Time

There are many people in show business but not all of them leave a mark. Some come and go but others stick to the memory, their workmanship considered a true work of art. So who is regarded as a great entertainer?

Michael Jackson was the world’s greatest entertainer. One of the most explosive performances I’ve ever witnessed was Jackson sliding across the stage at the Motown 25th-anniversary show. Just watching that made us all know: That’s what greatness is, and anything that doesn’t measure up to that is beneath greatness. Before him there were the Beatles and Elvis and Frank Sinatra; Michael Jackson takes his place right alongside those greats.

I was born around the same time as Michael, and I was one of the original fans. I first saw him at the Ohio State Fair, when I was very young; the Jackson 5 were performing with the Commodores. Michael came on, and that voice of his rang over the whole fairground. I was deeply touched by that voice from the very beginning.

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For those who never got to see how MJ started out, you might be fooled by his later years where he had a lot of court cases and skin issues but that does not take away the fact that he worked hard to gain the world’s respect as an artist. He was the real thing.

Michael Jackson may have spent his last years mutating into an ever more freakish version of himself, eventually becoming a prize exhibit in the celebrity zoo, but under the outlandish surface was a singer who had come by his fame not via mere eccentricity or a stroke of luck, but through a genuinely remarkable talent that deserved to conquer the world.

For all his tragic flaws as a human being, Jackson could legitimately be seen as the greatest entertainer of his generation, the natural successor to Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley.

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The millennial generation also has its list of entertainers. They believe in Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj.

The fact is that teen girls love Justin Bieber.

I have never seen an entire population of crazed, love-struck teens screaming their lungs out with tears in their eyes for a cute, petite pop artist with good vocal and dance abilities to top it all off.

And I find it even crazier that they know every single detail about his life, like the names of his siblings and his height. Just by the way, he’s slightly taller when you include the height of his hair. I’m indebted to my teenage sister’s friends for this bit of info.

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They love Onika’s rap and no matter what people think, Nicki Minaj still has millions of fans all over the world. She is of Trinidad descent.

Since arriving on the scene, Nicki Minaj has caused quite a stir. She is unlike any other musician, and uniqueness is important in this business. From her fashion sense to her wicked rap skills, Minaj can really entertain at a show. She has several fans who cover a wide variety of ages, from young girls to adults and everything in between. These are five reasons we love Nicki Minaj.

She is unique

Nicki Minaj is of Trinidadian descent but has lived in America for several years. Her voice and talent are both incredibly unique. People are drawn to Minaj because she was someone no one was used to seeing or hearing. She has been on the music scene for almost a decade and there is still no one that can even be compared to her.

Her fashion sense is different

When Nicki Minaj goes all out, she really does a good job. Her hair has been almost every color you can imagine, each time color-coordinating her outfit perfectly. Minaj is always ready to wear something that will have people talking. From neon colors to something more subtle, Minaj is definitely one of the biggest fashionistas in the music industry.

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