Top 8 Things To Do On Holiday In Pembrokeshire

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Pembrokeshire is home to some of the best and finest beaches not only in Wales but perhaps the entire UK. From the Barafundle Bay to Broad Haven South to Freshwater West to Whitesands and to Poppit Sands Beach, as well as tens of other beaches and coves, some of which have achieved Blue Flag status, the coastline of Pembrokeshire provides excellent opportunity for some unique adventures.

But beaches are not the only things that attract tourists and holiday vacationers. Even the Pembrokeshire countryside provides an interesting take on rural Welsh. If you think there simply is a lot to cover, then here are the top eight things you can do in the county of Pembrokeshire.

1. Visit St. Davidí Cathedral and learn why this quaint city is recognised as the UKs smallest. Since the 12th century, the cathedral has opened its doors to thousands of devotees and pilgrims. Scattered all over the city are culinary and artistic attractions for all types of people.

2. Spend a day or two in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and feast on the spectacular view of the famous coastline. If youre luck enough to stay nearby in one of the holiday cottages in Wales with a sea view, youll be mesmerised by the wonderful blanket of grass and colourful blooms that create a palette of colours against the blue backdrop of the sea. There are rare species of plant and animal life as well as historic interests and geologic features to feast your senses on.

3. Take your kids to the Oakwood Theme Park and ride on the Megafobla rollercoaster with a structure that is made of sturdy wood. Theme park experts rated the Megafobla as the worlds third best.

4. Challenge yourself to go on a coasteering adventure as Pembrokeshire is largely regarded as the birthplace of this adventure sport. Scale the jagged cliffs pounded by waves at their feet. Or simply jump off a craggy cliff and down onto to clear blue waters below.

5. Visit Preseli Hills, the source of the Neolithic stones erected on Stonehenge, about 180 miles away. There are plenty of burial chambers as well as stone circles and forts that have been built in the Neolithic age of man.

6. Go dolphin and whale watching in the waters off Pembrokeshire. Or, you can just as easily spot a Harbour porpoise while lazing down the beach. If its bottle-nosed dolphins, minke whales, and fin whales are what youre after, then try getting a boat trip to deeper waters.

7. Take a trip to Ramsey Island several minutes by boat from St. Davids. This RSPB reserve features razorbills, fulmars, guillermots, and kittiwakes reside. Peregrine falcons patrol the sky above the 120-metre vertical wall of Ramsey while choughs buzz through the network of tunnels and caves.

8. Sample the delicious produce at Stackpole Quays Boathouse. You can also try visiting the areas Bosherston Lakes for a different kind of view. Whatever you do, kayaking and coasteering are a must at the Stackpole nature reserve.

Theres plenty to do in Pembrokeshire. Thats why you really have to plan your holiday vacation really well. Hopefully, this shortlist of eight things to do will help you get started.